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July 7, 2016
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February 17, 2017

Five Ways to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Lounging Space


Do you have a beautiful outdoor space, but no designated area to relax in? If you are looking to optimize your deck or patio this summer with the ultimate lounging hub, Bill Klyn Carpentry can help you with all your design and installation needs. Create a space for your family and guests to enjoy, without worrying about exposure to the sun, or retreating from insects and inclement weather. Let us help you design your dream design and not only optimize your space, but your leisure.

Patio Covers

There is nothing quite like patio weather, taking in the gorgeous outdoors while you eagerly anticipate lunch grilling on the barbeque. Without proper overhead coverage over exposure to harmful UV rays may cut your leisure short. Without having to block all natural light, Sunspace Acrylic Roof Systems offer the highest level of light transmission –without casting a huge shadow. Customizable and durable against heavy rain, hail and snow loads. With superior energy saving and heat control, along with non-shattering safety glazing – you can’t go wrong with an Acrylic Roof System.

Glass Railings

Why not enjoy a clear view when optimizing your leisure? Sunspace Glass Railing systems have no visible fasteners, and our Contemporary Glass Railing system are topless. Built from a structural Aluminum Alloy, no future maintenance required! With height variation, Glass Railings are completely customizable to fit your space. Add a stylish, and safe backdrop for your outdoor lounge with Sunspace Railing Systems.

Screen Room

Transform an unused porch into a breezy lounge with a Sunspace Screen Room. Invite the outdoors in while enjoying 75% ventilation! Enjoy the breeze without the nuisance of bugs, wind, rain or overexposure to harmful UV rays. Completely customizable to fit your space, a Screen Room can easily be installed onto an existing porch and roof structures along with gazebos!


Take your Sunspace Screen Room to the next level of comfort and transition it into a Three or Four Season Sunroom by Sunspace. Take your leisure into the seasons with an integrated gutter system, and worry free extruded aluminum fascia. Choose from 3”, 4” or 6” thickness, all of our systems are constructed from high density foam core for extra insulation.  Invite the outdoors in, and enjoy your lounge area year round!

WeatherMaster Plus

Take your Sunspace Screen Room or Sunroom to an entirely more versatile level with a WeatherMaster Plus Stacking Door System with Vertical 4-Track Ventilation. You choose your ventilation – from 0% to 100%. The WeatherMaster System is a wall, venting window, and door that stacks completely out of the way. Custom built for your space, you can also choose from a variety of tints to compliment your home or cottage. Constructed with durable View Flex vinyl glazing blocks UV rays, and is equipped with a full screen.

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